Spooky Halloween Sensory Bin for Kids with Colorful Rice

Spooky Halloween sensory bin for kids

This spooky Halloween sensory bin for kids is a lot of fun. My boys enjoyed scooping and pouring the colorful rice in the jack-o-lantern bottle and cauldron. Sensory bins are easy for parents and caregivers to set up and helps children use their imagination as well as improve their fine motor skills. I was inspired by Lanée with mama.and.og and Happy Toddler Playtime to create this spooky Halloween sensory bin for my boys. It’s a great activity for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten kids.

Spooky Halloween sensory bin for kids with colorful rice

Check out the video below for instructions on how to make colored rice. You can also visit my blog post with all the details to dye the rice to use for sensory activities. I decided to use orange food coloring for this spooky Halloween sensory bin but you can use any color.

Sensory bins are great for small children but they should always be closely supervised.

toddler playing with Halloween sensory bin

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Setting Up Sensory Bin

Once the orange rice is completely dry, pour it into your sensory bin. Add a few Halloween plastic bugs and utensils for scooping. Get your clear plastic bottle and black oil-based paint marker. I used a recycled sprinkles bottle for this activity but you can use any size that’s available in your home. Draw jack-o-lantern faces on one side of the plastic bottle then add to the sensory bin. You can also use a chalk or dry erase marker if you want to use the bottle for another activity.

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spooky Halloween sensory bin for kids using colorful rice

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