Really Simple Halloween Crafts and Costumes Just for Kids

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Halloween is on a Saturday this year! Yay! Kids will not be exhausted the next day at school. Even though I don’t plan to take the boys trick-or-treating, I still have some fun activities planned for them. Halloween festivities may be a little different this year due to Covid-19 but there’s so much you can do as a family. I had the opportunity to share some really simple Halloween crafts and costumes with the viewers of GOOD DAY TAMPA BAY on Fox 13. It was my first time back on air with them since March due to the pandemic. I filmed both of my segments from home with Laura Moody as the anchor. Here’s some really simple Halloween crafts and costumes for kids that’s also inexpensive.

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Witch Hat



  1. First, paint both sides of the paper plate. Allow it to dry. 
  2. Make a cone using the black cardstock then seal it with glue.
  3. Trace around the hat on the middle of the paper plate then cut it. 
  4. Make small slits about 2 cm apart around the bottom of the cone then fold it.
  5. Staple the elastic to the sides of the hat. I used elastic from an old face mask but you can also order one online or your local craft store.
  6. Place the paper plate over the hat then tape it together.
  7. Finally, decorate the hat with glitter, wiggle eyes, stickers, sequins or other fun Halloween items.

Pumpkin Pi Costume



  1. Use a glue gun to attach the pumpkin to the headband. 
  2. Download and print the Greek letter pi. 
  3. Cut it out then trace it on black felt.
  4. Glue it to the orange shirt.
  5. Finally, dress your child in black pants, leggings or a skirt to create a cute pumpkin pie costume. 

If you enjoyed the segment and would like to make the other Halloween crafts and costumes, here’s the tutorial for each project seen on Good Day Tampa Bay.

Halloween Sensory Tray

Firefighter Costume

Scientist Costume

really simple Halloween crafts for kids

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